Airlines Emergency Exit Row Requirements

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emergencey-exitExit row seating FAA qualifications
Each airline in different so passengers interested in purchasing emergency row seating may want to contact their airline to see if advanced reservations are available. If FAA qualifications are met exit row seating could be available on the day of the flight. When checking in at the airport ask any customer service agent about emergency row seating.
Several things are required for individuals to be FAA qualified, these individuals must be able to perform these tasks to be considered for emergency exit row seating:

Locate and recognize the emergency exit and operating mechanism
Comprehend the instructions for operating the emergency exit
Follow oral directions and hand signals from crew members
Select and follow a safe path away from the emergency exit for passengers to follow

A passenger must also have sufficient mobility and strength in both arms, hands, and legs to help reach up, down and sideways to access the emergency exit.
Ability to push, pull and turn mechanisms
Strength to push or pull emergency exit opened
Strong enough to lift or hold other seats or objects obstructing the way
Ability to maintain balance

A passenger seated in an exit seat must:
Be 15 years of age or older
Must have to ability to perform functions without parental assistance
Have the ability to read and understand instructions
Have adequate vision to perform these functions
Have great hearing capacity and understands instructions given by crew members
Have the ability to give accurate information to other passengers in English

FAA guidelines prohibits passengers seated in an exit seat from:
Pre-Boarding the flight
Using a portable oxygen tank
Using a seat belt extension to fasten his or her seat belt
Caring for children or pets, which may prevent them from performing these functions
Having a condition that would cause the individual harm if they needed to perform these functions

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