Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policies

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unaccompaniedminorsUnaccompanied Minor Policies on Airlines
The policies of unaccompanied minors vary from airline to airline. We are going to go over the top three airlines in America and establish what their policies are.

Southwest Airlines
Unaccompanied minors are ages five through 11. They are only allowed to travel on flights that do not involve transferring to other planes. There is an added fee of $50 on top of the price of the ticket. The person that buys the ticket must be the parent and provide the proof necessary to do so. It is suggested to pack them something to eat if they are traveling during meal times. Southwest does not have meals. Potential issues could come up if there is a chance the flight may be diverted or delayed due to extreme weather. They are not permitted to have unaccompanied minors during that time.

Delta Airlines
Delta has different policies broken down by age. Any minor under four will not be permitted to travel alone. Children ages five to seven are only permitted to travel on direct flights. Minors 8 to seventeen are permitted to travel on both direct and connecting flights. There is a $150 fee on top of the adult fare fee that is required.

American Airlines

American Airlines breaks down the polices by age, as well. Any child five or under cannot travel alone. Children from five to seven can only go on non-stop or direct flights. Ages eight to 15 are permitted to go on non-stop, direct flights, or connecting flights to a set amount of airport options. 16 and up do not have to be considered unaccompanied minor if their parents so choose. The fee is $150 both ways on top of the adult fare. If 2 or more unaccompanied minors, it will still stay at $150 both ways.

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