Airlines Which Offer Specialty Meals

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specialty-mealGetting ready to take a trip? If it includes a meal, you may want to check into whether the airline offers a specialty meal. This could be anything from kosher, to vegetarian or vegan to those that meet special allergy requirements.

The good news is that most airlines do offer this! Read on below to see what some offer to help with booking your flight.

British Airways – British Airways are pleased to cater to their passengers in many ways when it comes to their meals. Not all meals are offered on all flights, but they include all types of vegan and vegetarian, Muslim, kosher, children and baby, as well as those for diabetic travelers. As a bonus, there are low-calorie, gluten free, low salt and low fat meals, too.

Delta – Delta carries many of the same options as others. Delta offers special meals for customers with specific dietary, religious or medical needs. If you have meal requirements you can easily place your order for a special meal. Just make sure you do it 24 hours prior to leaving. This can be done online or by phone with help from a reservations agent.

American Airlines – Nut allergies? American Airlines has you covered. They also offer special meals like kosher, gluten-free and Muslim as well as vegan options. The menus vary month to month as well so check with them when planning.

United Airlines – United Airlines offers a great deal of selections to include Indian fare, vegan and vegetarian, kosher, Jain, Japanese and Muslim. Meals are offered on special routes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To request one, you simply need to address your choice at the time of booking.

These are just a few examples, but rest assured if you need a specialty meal, most airlines are ready and willing to cater to you if you give enough notice.

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