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Aeromexico historical notes
Aeronaves de Mexico was established on September 15, 1934 by Antonio Diaz Lombardo. In the 1940s, World War II was underway and Aeronaves de Mexico began to grow with the help of Delta Airlines. By the 1950s, Aeronaves de Mexico renovated which included taking over a number of smaller competitors. By the 1960s, Aeronaves de Mexico took over Aerovias Guest Mexico to create one carrier. The color scheme of the airline was changed in the 1970s to orange and black and its name changed to Aeromexico. In the 1980s, expansion took place that involved adding DC-10, DC-15, and DC-30 models.


By the 1990s, higher fuel costs due to the Gulf War created more take over opportunities as Aeromexico acquired airlines Mexicana and Aeroperu. By 2000, Aeromexico had a fleet of 60 aircraft as their fleet renovation was taking place. In 2011, Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico signed a commercial alliance that offered up a codeshare on all Mexico to United States flights. Technology offered on Aeromexico flights includes Wi Fi service by Gogoto that permits access to Netflix. A new website was added in July 2016 along with new check in kiosks in the Mexico City airport. In September 2016, chatbot was launched that permits customers the ability to ask questions, search, track, and book their airline flights while interacting with a virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger.


As of January 2017, Aeromexico has a fleet of 69 planes that includes Boeing 737s, 777s, and 787s. Their popular routes include trips from Mexico City to Cancun, Acapulco, Tijuana, Dallas, Denver, Washington DC, Montreal, Toronto, London, and Tokyo. Inflight entertainment offerings include a selection of popular movies, video games, and television series. Every seat has a high definition screen that is free of charge. Baggage charge varies dependent upon one’s destination for instance a flight within Mexico the first bag checked will cost the traveler25 U.S. dollars. Bags can have a linear dimension up to 62 inches.