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Air Canada & Why It’s One of The Best Airlines
There are numerous airlines across the globe no matter if they’re in the East or West. Air Canada is one of the premier airlines of the 21st Century and it’s Canada’s largest airline/provider in the Canada-U.S. Transborder Market. It’s even the largest airline/provider to and from Canada’s International Market. This airline replaced (TCA) Trans-Canada Airlines and it became fully privatized back in 1989. It employees over 30,000 people, which makes it one of the biggest airlines in the world. Being in such an exclusive club, Air Canada has many major routes that span across the globe whether it’s from Toronto to Berlin, or Montreal to Shanghai, and even Vancouver to Taipei. In 2016, Air Canada announced many new international routes as well to:

• Budapest

• Warsaw

• London

• Seoul

• Brisbane

This only scratches the surface to where this airline can go and many new announcements will be added in the summer of 2017. When talking about planes, Air Canada is no slough in that department. These aviation fleets are loaded with creature comforts, technology, as well as innovation. This ensures all passengers of the most comfortable and enjoyable experience. Air Canada’s Fleets include 19 Boeing 777-300ER (77W), 8 Airbus A330-300 (333), 25 Embraer E175 (E75), and a substantial amounts of Bombardier Fleets.

Air Canada gives all passengers, depending on the fleet, many great benefits such as Wi-Fi Connection, Concierge Service, Special Requests, Preferred Seating, Oxygen Medipak Service and many more. Whether it’s (carry-on or Checked bagged), the prices vary between weight & size as well as from being seated in first class or economy. Air Canada provides the ultimate in airline services whether if you’re coming or going.