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Air France launched on October 7, 1919 under the name of Koninklijke Luchtvaartmaatschappij. It started expanding and by 1933, it had five airlines running. These airlines were the Air Orient, Societe Generale de Transport Aerien, CIDNA, Aeropostale, and Air Union. It started making many short and long journeys and made its first Atlantic crossing in 1930. It continues to expand and was ranked as the largest European airline in 2004 and the largest in the world in operating revenue.


Air France currently flies to 168 international destinations in 93 countries and 36 domestic destinations. This includes cities across Oceania, Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. With the goal of providing the best services and utmost comfort to passengers, Air France continues to grow its fleet size and variations. It currently has 233 active fleets and uses Airbus and Boeing on long routes. The Airbus A320 family is typically used on short travels. The Airbus A318-100 is currently the largest operator.


When on-flight, passengers can enjoy a variety of entertainment options based on flight destination. Many popular movies, T.V. shows, cartoons, games, and music are available for travelers to enjoy. There are specific programs aimed at young travelers as well.


If you are traveling domestically within France, baggage fees will be based on your destination. On international travels, the first bag is free and the second bag and any above it will vary depending on destination. Bag size should not exceed 50 pounds (23kg) and they should be 62 inches (157 cm) in total width + length + height.

Air France has different classes of seats such as business, premium economy, La Premiere (First), and economy. The La Premiere passengers will be greeted at the terminal and baggage will be taken care of by a porter. Passengers will have a private check-in lounge allowing them to relax while the staff handles all the check-in procedures.