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AirTran Airlines Overview: 

AirTran Airways now belongs to Southwest Airlines at of December 28, 2014. However, but originally it was an American airline that was based in Orlando, FL and later on in Dallas, Texas. The airline ran about 700 flights a day and had its main hub in Hartsfield-Jacksonville International.

The airline owned Boeing 717-200 jets, along with Boeing 737-700 planes. AirTran served 24 East and Midwest cities in the US, specializing in low fares mostly to Florida, but later on expanded to include some western cities as well. Before they were sold to Southwest, they were serving over 70 cities all over the US and also had flights to Caribbean and Mexico. AirTran had 8,500 employees and about 25 million people traveled with them every year.

When they were still operating, the were the first airlines to have Internet service in all of their planes via Gogo Inflight Internet, even though some other airlines had it in a few of their aircraft. They also had the usual audio/video programming on some of their flights.

Southwest bought AirTran for $1.4 billion dollars and it helped Southwest have a bigger presence at several areas such as Atlanta, Georgia, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Orlando and overseas in Cancun, Aruba and Montego Bay. The deal was closed May 2, 2011, and fully integrated by 2015. However, AirTran had its last flight in November 2014 under its own name.

Since AirTran is now absorbed by Southwest airlines, they allow two checked bags to be taken by each passenger for free, as well as not charging for carry-ons. However, there is an odd seating experience, passengers load the aircraft based on A, B, C zones and can sit wherever they want.
So, AirTran Airlines has a great and rich history of carrying passengers to places all over the US and some places overseas and now belongs to Southwest airlines.