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EasyJet Airlines Overview:


In the history of United Kingdom, no other airline has had a greater impact on UK’s flight travel and hospitality industry like Easyjet. The airline started with two leased planes then grew to more than 230 airplanes of their own. In 1996, Easyjet launched their first online booking website known as which helped in boosting sales. Easyjet’s first international flight was from Luton in London to Amsterdam, and then gradually they crouched into other countries like Barcelona and Nice. There low-cost fare flights which were in Luton expanded and now they serve over 820 routes in more than 29 countries.


Boeing and Airbus aircraft are the models of planes that EasyJet currently uses of to offer services to its clients. Airbus A321-200, A320-200 and A319-100 compose the majority of aircraft used for international and domestic flights. Additionally, EasyJet also owns a few Boeing 737-700 that they use for several flights. Their fleet of planes is relatively new with only three years of age.


Passengers can pre-select seats at an additional charge while booking.
Seat allocation in Easyjet.
Extra legroom seat
This seat entitles a passenger to a Speedy Boarding, meaning that you can board the aircraft among the first people.
Up Front seat
They too have Speedy Boarding and priority bag drop.
Standard seats
These are the seats which are in the middle rows or the back of the plane, but they’re still very comfortable.


The entertainment is inclusive on all flights; their package provides headsets for listening to various music genres as well as comedies. EasyJet’s in-flight magazine is also onboard at no cost.


Easyjet passengers are allowed to have one hand luggage with no weight limit but must be 56 x 45 x 25cm while your check-in luggage must be under 275cm in size and under 20kg per bag. The price of having luggage can vary with the season or the route you’re using.