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The idea for Emirates airline was conceived in 1984, in response to the lack of flights in and out of Dubai. An airline was needed for the elite passengers that would provide a high-quality experience. Launched in a mere 5 months with 10 million dollars, they started with two leased aircraft from Pakistan air until Sheikh Mohammed gifted the airline with two Boeing 727-200’s. Thus, United Arab Emirates was born. They travel to over 150 destinations across six continents, including multiple countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Africa and The United States, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. They currently have 244 aircraft in their fleet including fifteen Airbus 380’s, ten Boeing 777-300 ER’s, many Boeing 777-200 LR’s, and the Boeing 777-300’s. They fly the most technologically advanced airplanes of any airline today.


Emirates airline offers a one of a kind flight experience for all classes of passengers, including in-flight entertainment, spa quality pampering and even an in-flight lounge where you can enjoy a cocktail and good company. They offer a state of the art entertainment program, ICE, which provides 2,500 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games on demand and in multiple languages, which also includes an entire section dedicated to children’s entertainment. They offer one of a kind in flight comfort with private suites, shower spa combo, high quality amenity kits, in seat power, Wi-Fi and mobile phone and data roaming services. The also offer only the finest cuisines and exclusive wines and spirits from all over the world. For those overnight flights, they offer convertible beds with high quality sheets and blankets with moisturizing sleepwear. Their baggage allowances are the most generous of all the airlines and vary depending on which plane you will be traveling in, your destination and what class of ticket you purchased.