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ExpressJet is an airline that partners with other airlines in the Southeast and Northeast to take passengers to destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico, the Eastern US and a small portion of the Midwest.
Beginning in 1979, ExpressJet provides service to many cities throughout North America’s eastern sections. In 982 the company went public with an initial stock offering, and the company has grown since. Having had a few other names, depending on the year and the company’s acquisitions, the company became ExpressJet in 2012.
ExpressJet uses Brazilian-built Embraer business and passenger jets, and Canadian built Bombadier passenger jets. The aircraft are sleek and well-appointed, and carry between 50 and 76 passengers each.
The company operates as SkyWest, Inc. in some locations, and has other names in others. They are all part of the same company, ExpressJet. ExpressJet partners with Delta, United, and American Airlines as part of their American Eagle line.
Serving Jamaica and the Caribbean, Mexico and the Bahamas, ExpressJet is sure to be flying to a location you’re dreamed of as a vacation spot.
With more than 1,500 departures daily throughout their service area, ExpressJet offers different classes of seats, and of course, their baggage fees are among the lowest in the industry.
The company’s main motto is ‘safety first,’ and they take that motto to heart in the maintenance and operation of their aircraft.
There is in-flight entertainment to keep you occupied, with the luxury and convenience you would expect from a major carrier. With ExpressJet, you would say that there is no such thing as a second class seat. And, since you’d swear you were flying first class, you could also relax because it seems to your budget that you’re flying economy.
Fly ExpressJet the next chance you get. Look them up on the web, or call your ticketing agent.