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JetStar Airlines Overview:


Founded in 2003 in response to the growing competition from other low-cost airlines, Jetstar Airways is a low-cost subsidiary of Australian giant Qantas. Jetstar is headquartered and has its main hub in Melbourne, Australia, from where it flies an extensive network of domestic, regional and longer-haul international routes. In addition to the original Jetstar Airways, Qantas has added a number of sister companies to the Jetstar Group, including Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Jetstar Asia Airways and Jetstar Japan.


As of writing, Jetstar Airways flies to a total of 37 destinations. The majority of these destinations are domestic routes within Australia to important bases like Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. However, the company also operates a number of international and domestic flights to numerous cities in New Zealand, while the regular flights to Bali’s Denpasar Airport are another one of its main focuses.


Jetstar has a total of more than 70 planes in its fleet, which contains a mixture of Airbus and Boeing airplanes. The majority of the fleet consists of Airbus A320-200 aircraft, but the airline operates a number of much larger Boeing 787-8s as well.


What to Expect When Flying Jetstar
As a low-cost airline, passengers probably shouldn’t expect an extremely high level of amenities or services when flying Jetstar. However, this depends on the type of ticket booked and the destination. Those flying a longer international route on one of the company’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners will have some in-flight entertainment options. Passengers flying in economy class can choose to book an in-flight entertainment package prior to their flight, while complimentary in-flight entertainment and noise-canceling headphones are provided to those flying in business class.


Similarly, business-class passengers can also expect complimentary gourmet meals and premium drink service on most all Jetstar flights. Those flying economy class have the option to purchase a range of drinks, snacks and meals, as well as special children’s snack and activity packs.


As with all other airlines, passengers flying on any domestic or international flight with any of the carriers in the Jetstar Group are entitled to one piece of hand luggage, which can weigh up to 7 kg. However, Jetstar takes a unique approach to checked baggage. Instead of paying a flat rate per bag, passengers can pay for their luggage based on weight. There are a total of six weight categories ranging from 15 to 40 kg, allowing those only flying with a small, lightweight bag to save money over typical baggage fees. The limit per passenger is still two checked bags and no one bag can weigh more than 32 kg.