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Founded in 1972 and headquartered in St. George, Utah, SkyWest Airlines operates as a regional carrier in North America. Currently, SkyWest flies to more than 200 cities, spread over 43 states, Mexico, Canada, and the Bahamas. While passengers cannot currently book directly, SkyWest operates flights for Alaska Airlines, American Eagle, United Express, and Delta Connection. In total, SkyWest operates more than 1800 flights per day through its various partner agreements.

SkyWest has an excellent safety record, and its flight crews have never been found to be at fault in the few incidents that have occurred over the years. SkyWest’s flight crews are some of the most experienced and best-trained in the industry, with an average experience of at least 3000-4000 hours of flight time. The airline also adheres to federal regulations for crew rest, and crew members continue their training throughout their careers at SkyWest.

SkyWest offers seating in Economy class for all of its flights, and all flights using Bombardier CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 aircraft only have Economy seating. All other aircraft in the SkyWest fleet offer at least First and Economy class seating. Some flights also have separate Business class seating, but this is not standard on all flights operated by SkyWest.

As SkyWest mostly operates regional flights, in-flight entertainment options are generally limited and don’t include movies on shorter flights. Passengers are provided with a copy of SkyWest magazine, and depending on which partner they booked their reservation through there are a variety of other entertainment options. Some flights offer onboard wi-fi, and most offer audio entertainment in addition to the complimentary magazines.

Baggage fees for SkyWest Airlines are based on those fees charged by the respective partner airlines that their flights can be booked through. There is a fee for each of the first two checked bags which fit into the specified dimensions and weight requirements – this depends on the partner airline’s baggage policies and is subject to additional change. Additionally, SkyWest cannot handle large baggage like kayaks, windsurfing equipment, or hang gliders. Hazardous materials, explosives, poisons, and oil based paints are also forbidden – basically industry standards prevail.