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United Airlines Overview:


United Airlines had its start in April of 1926. William Boeing, a well known name and a man who was the first to complete the first international postal delivery in 1919, created United Airlines. By 1930 the airline was handling cost to coast passenger flights and mail services. The early flights followed a route initially carved out by mail service. The route was east to west from New York to San Francisco with a couple of stops in between. It also ran north to south along the entire west coast. Today they service hundreds of cities all over the world including Cedar Rapids, Cairo(Egypt), El Paso, Florence(Italy), Fargo, New Orleans, New York, Panama City, St. Petersburg(Russia) and Tulsa.


They currently have a fleet of 737 planes, with 30 plus planes being added in the future. They utilize multiple plane types including a range of Airbus models, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and several other Boeing models including the 747 and 777. The main hub for United Airlines is in Chicago at O’Hare International airport. There are several secondary hubs located in Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Guam.


United Airlines offers several amenities, including in flight entertainment. Options range from feature films provided by the airline, and personal device entertainment, which allows the passengers to access a litany of movies and tv shows while in flight. Certain aircraft have seat-back screens to watch shows, while other planes have DirectTV as an option for entertainment. Several classes of seats are available, including Premier Access, Economy Plus and Business class. Baggage fees range from $25 for the first bag to $35 for the second bag. Currently the airline allows one carry on bag and one personal item such as a briefcase or purse.