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US Air started its aviation business under the name of All American Aviation, which was actually an airmail service in western Pennsylvania in 1939. Ten years later, All American Aviation then reformed its services from airmail to passenger service. This was all possible due to the Douglas Super DC-3, an aircraft designed with airline expansion in mind. In 1953, All American took another leap of faith and changed its name to Allegheny Airlines. According to US Airways, the name meant “the mountains and river of the same name that lie in the heart of the airline’s network.”


As the airline gained more popularity and notoriety, it switched to turbine- powered aircraft vessels in 1965, the first being the Convair 580. Then in 1966 the first jet, a DC9-10 was added to the fleet of aircraft and went on to include 62 DC-9 jets. In the year 1978 the airline deregulated, its name then changing to US Air, fitting for its ever expanding line of passenger services and destinations.


The airline’s name was again changed to US Airways in 1997. Many other airlines were absorbed into US Airways over the years, a culmination of mergers, and on October 16 2015, flight 1939 was the last flight US Air would take, the number of the flight the same as the year the airlines began. All future US Air flights were now to be under the American Airlines name, after the last airline merger between parent companies of the two.


When looking to travel with American Airlines, keep in mind the vast amount of destinations they offer. They offer 80 domestic flights and 83 international flights to 49 different countries. By accessing their website, your search for a transport related list according to your needs. From Antigua and Barbuda to Venezuela, the list is packed full of exciting possibilities.


There is a frequent flyer program called AAdvantage and members earn miles on all Oneworld carriers. Charges for weight and size of checked baggage can vary depending on where you are traveling to and whether you are in their frequent flyer program. Usually cost for bags are 25$ for 1 carry on bag, 35$ for the second bag, and 150 for three. Seats offered are first class, business class, premium economy, main cabin, main cabin extra, and basic economy. Entertainment on flight is available with movies right at your seat, or music from American Spotlight, their inflight entertainment system.