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Vueling Airlines Overview:


The biggest air carrier in Spain, low-cost airline Vueling was founded in 2004 when it officially kicked off its operations with a flight to Ibiza from its hub at Barcelona-Le Prat Airport. Since that time the airline has expanded and now has an additional hub at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport.


In addition to Barcelona and Rome, Vueling has a number of other bases throughout Spain and also operates out of Paris, Florence and Amsterdam. Currently the company operates flights to over 100 destinations across Europe, Asia and Africa.


In total, Vueling has more than 100 total airplanes in its fleet, all of which were made by Airbus. The bulk of its fleet consists of Airbus A320-200s with a smaller number of A319-100s and A321-200s. There are currently plans to replace and add to the existing fleet with nearly 50 new Airbus A320neo aircraft—although the estimated delivery date of these plans has yet to be announced.


What to Expect When Flying Vueling
Like with all airlines, the experience you’ll have on a Vueling flight depends on the level of your ticket. The company offers three different fare rates—Basic, Optima and Excellence—and those flying on an Excellence ticket will obviously have a different experience than those traveling on a Basic fare. A range of in-flight meal and drink options are available for sale onboard although the Excellence Fare includes a set menu with snack, drink and choice of hot meal or sandwich.


Baggage fees on Vueling are comparable to most other low-cost airlines, and passengers are only entitled to bring hand luggage free of charge. As of writing, the cost for the first checked bag is 35 euros and then another 70 euros for the second and third bags. However, these fees are usually greatly reduced when passengers pre-pay for their checked baggage online prior to arriving at the airport.


As a low-cost airline, in-flight entertainment options on most Vueling flights are either quite limited or virtually non-existent. Nonetheless, longer flights do tend to have more options than those quick short-haul flights. Still, Vueling was the first European airline to begin offering Wi-Fi on its flights allowing passengers to entertain themselves on their smartphone or tablet.