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Wow Airlines Overview:


As the history of airline companies goes, WOW Air’s inception is quite recent. The Icelandic-based carrier was founded in 2011 as a low-cost alternative for flights to the UK and European continent and, in 2015, air transportation to the United States.


Currently, WOW Air serves 28 destinations. Those who travel to the U.S. have access to nine airports on the North American continent, including Toronto, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles. 14 major airports are served on the European continent. WOW Air also lands at five airports in the United Kingdom.


Six aircraft comprise WOW Air’s fleet of planes. All of them are manufactured by Airbus. The smallest of these, the A320-200, seats 174 passengers. The largest in the fleet, the A330-900neo, sits almost 400 passengers. As of this writing, this model is slated to begin service in 2018.


Though considered a discount carrier, WOW Air offers passengers a choice of four size options for seats. These range from standard seats with 31 inches of legroom to their 35-inch XXL seat. In June of 2017 the airline introduced the Big Seat, with 37 inches of legroom, on their A330-300 aircraft.


The cost to passengers to fly depends on the seat the select. It also depends on how many bags they bring. One personal item is permitted on-board free of charge. There is an extra charge for an additional carry-on bag or checked-in luggage. What that is depends on where you fly from. For example, on a flight from Los Angeles to Reykjavik, passengers are charged $50 for a carry-on when booked online and $70 for a checked bag.


Since it is a low-cost alternative, WOW Air charges its passengers for food and drink. Yes, this even includes soft drinks. A color menu is provided to passengers to choose their options, and meals can be ordered 48 hours in advance. WOW Air does not offer an in-flight entertainment system on board their aircraft, nor do they have WiFi. They do offer universal chargers and a limited run of iPad rentals for those who need their access to electronic devices.