Ride Sharing to get to and from Airports

Posted on May 28, 2017 by admin

Using ride sharing to get to and from airports are convenient for most people. Advanced technology has made it possible for people to request a ride. The average pick-up time can range between a 3-5 minute timeframe. Most ride shares are available around the United States. Ride shares give people the convenience to travel without having to pay extra money to rent a vehicle. They save time from the long rental car lines and pulling out extra documentation. There may be times where a traveler is unfamiliar with the location and will need transportation.

There are different types of ride shares available in the United States. Rideshare rules and regulations depend on the actual location. One type of ride share service gives riders the personal ride experience. Companies such as Uber and Lyft has become a hot trend for tourist, families, and friends who are traveling. Uber is a ride share option for riders who don’t mind riding in a personal vehicle. They allow up to 4 people to ride. Their rates are based on the distance to a location and the size of the car. Car options are Compact, SUV or Premium cars. Uber drivers go through an extensive background check for customers and the company protection. They require the vehicle to get a check by a local certified maintenance shop. The only people riding in the car will be the driver and passenger that requested the ride, and they go straight to their destination. They also give bonuses and tips on safety precautions. One unique thing about Uber is their rating system. Drivers and riders must rate each other when they exit. Uber is one of the most common ride shares being used in America.

Another type of ride share is the local cab companies. For example, the most popular cab companies in Charleston, SC are Yellow Cab, Charleston Cab, and Green Taxi. People would have to physically call most of these companies and wait for the driver to pick them up. It is possible that other people may be in the vehicle during transport. Cabs accept rides first come, first serve. Riders will get to their destination based on how many people are on the same route. This is for informational purposes.


Uber is a Rideshare Service. Uber.com