Top 5 Customer Service Airlines

Posted on June 7, 2017 by admin

There are several great customer service airlines. The first airline is Virgin America. The main cabin of this airline has a glow of purple and the seats are made of soft black leather. They have everything that you need to be entertained like personal outlets, on demand entertainment, and Wi-Fi. They have snacks that include things like veggie chips and jerky sausage. They are best known for the touch screen system that allows you to send a drink or snack to another person.

The second airline is JetBlue Airlines. The experience that are going to get from this airline is going to be a lot different than any of the other airlines because they offer a lot of free things. The first thing is the name brand snacks and drinks like Craisins and Cheez-Its, beverages like Seagrams and Coke. Their coffee and tea comes from Dunkin Donuts. The second thing is the extra legroom in coach. The third thing is the money back guarantee on having the best flight experience.

The third airline is Delta Airlines. This airline is best known for not mishandling any of the luggage that they deal with on a regular basis. They offer free snacks like Starbucks coffee, a wide variety of beverages, and Biscoff cookies. They also have a sleep kit that has eyeshades and earplugs to ensure that you will get a restful sleep.

The fourth airline is Hawaiian Airlines. With this airline, you can depend on the fact that your flight will be on time. They are best known for the Bud up System. This system allows you to buy regular tickets and enter bids in order to upgrade their seats to first class for the price of the regular ticks.

The fifth airline is Alaska Airlines. One of the main reasons that they are known for their customer service is they have some of the lowest prices on fare among all of the other airlines, which they back up with a promise. Another reason is that they guarantee that the aircraft is going to be as comfortable and clean as possible.