What is Basic Economy Class?

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basiceconomyBasic Economy Class
Recently Delta, American Airlines, and United introduced the Basic Economy seats to save consumers money on flights. These seats are available for any customer at a fraction of the cost of a Main Cabin seat. Each of the airlines offers different experiences.

Delta will offer their Basic Economy seats to allow customers more flight options. However, the choice has some restrictions. First, the passenger will not receive a seat number until after check-in and families traveling together may not be seated together. Second, passengers will not be eligible for same-day changes or ticket refunds and will have to board last. Lastly, a passenger will not be able to accept free upgrades or preferred seats. A passenger, however, will still enjoy a seat in the Main Cabin area with free snacks and drinks.

American Airlines offers the lowest Main Cabin fares with Basic Economy seats. Similar to Delta, they have some restrictions. American fliers can only have one item that fits under the seat with no access to overhead bins. Seats on American must also be assigned after check-in with fees to choose a specific seat. Basic Economy seats are not eligible for upgrades, changes, or refunds. The positive side is an American passenger still receives a comfortable seat in the Main Cabin and will enjoy free snacks, drinks, and in-flight entertainment.

United Airlines offers the Basic Economy fare option only on select routes. United passengers flying Basic Economy also have similar restriction as Delta and American fliers. Seat selection, upgrades, group seating, flight changes, and refunds are all not available for Basic Economy seats. Full-sized carry-on bags are also not allowed, but a passenger may have one personal item. United customers can still enjoy the same amenities as the standard Economy class. This is great news for price conscience customers.

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